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Homes for All.

The Greenville Homeless Alliance is a partnership to broaden support of making homelessness brief and rare. We work to educate, advocate, collaborate and innovate with policymakers and the community.


Our Mission

To strengthen the partnerships and broaden support in order to increase options for individuals or families who are experiencing homelessness and who are seeking stability and a safe, affordable home in Greenville County.


Our Impact

We are a coalition of individuals & organizations that educate, advocate, collaborate and innovate to provide solutions for individuals or families that are experiencing homelessness.

The Greenville Homeless Alliance (GHA) began with priorities identified in the Homelessness White Paper. Permanent housing with supportive case management services for mentally ill and other vulnerable adults experiencing chronic homelessness is one of the highest GHA priorities. Data has been collected from a local evidence-based model, Reedy Place, which was built in 2006 and is managed by United Housing Connections (UHC.)

Research shows that while individuals experiencing chronic homelessness make-up only about 10% of the overall population not housed, they utilize 50% of the resources for housing.  Permanent supportive housing is a proven solution to end chronic homelessness. In January 2019, a capital campaign to build 35 units of permanent supportive housing was launched by GHA partners SEARCHlight Initiative and UHC.




Per the 2017 South Carolina Point in Time Count (PIT) Report, 60% of the people experiencing chronic homelessness within the 13 counties of the Upstate were in Greenville County. Anderson County had the next highest number of 34 individuals followed by Spartanburg with 19 individuals. People who are chronically homeless have experienced homelessness for at least a year – or repeatedly – while struggling with a disabling condition such as a serious mental illness, substance use disorder, or physical disability.




Hospital data collected from SC Department of Revenue and Fiscal Affairs on ten individuals in Greenville experiencing chronic homelessness totaled $2,468,170 between 2012 - 2017. These charges included EMS transports, emergency room visits, and inpatient hospital stays.



$5,985,384 IN SAVINGS

Building permanent supportive housing for 131 people experiencing chronic homelessness could save Greenville over $5 million annually. The savings are based on available data collected from the SC Department of Revenue and Fiscal Affairs on eleven residents of Reedy Place as reported here. United Housing Connections launched a capital campaign in January 2019 to build 35 units of permanent supportive housing. Learn more about it here.


Collective Impact

GHA utilizes the Collective Impact framework as a basis for partnership with five key elements: a common agenda, common progress measures, coordination of mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication and support of the partnership through a host organization. United Ministries is the host organization. The Community Foundation of Greenville receives all donations.



Within the “Homeless Triangle” GHA continues to coordinate ongoing education and awareness and serves as a communication point for concerns and the generation of local solutions. A summary of this work can be found in this report.

Medical Respite

A pilot program program with New Horizon Family Health Services and Greenville Rescue Mission for individuals experiencing homelessness who are being discharged from the hospital, but who need additional medical care and healing support before being released was launched in January 2019. The pilot program will reduce health care costs from medical complications that occur when homeless individuals are discharged back to the streets and generate local data to build the capacity of providing additional medical respite beds. This is the first for our state and based on proven models working across the county. Read a summary article HERE.


GHA is participating in the community wide data initiative. It was determined that the GHA Data Snapshot 2017 report, generated by Furman University, could serve as a potential early win for this initiative.

Second Chance Housing

A pilot program with United Ministries working in conjunction with the Greenville County School McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Liaison The City of Greenville, United Housing Connections, The Greenville Housing Authority, Homes of Hope and more for families with school-aged children will be launched in 2019. GHA partners are developing training for parents who may have multiple evictions, collaborating with property managers to give families a second chance and strengthening wrap around services that support stabilization of housing. The data driving this initiative comes from the increasing number of children in Greenville County Schools experiencing homelessness to 1089 in 2018 under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Act. Click here to see a map.


August 2018

“In Greenville County, homeless students attend school all over the county, including schools in some of its wealthiest areas such as Bell’s Crossing Elementary, Oakview Elementary, and Riverside High. That shows the importance of increasing available affordable housing in both the city and the county.”

- Greenville Journal 


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