Our Mission

To strengthen partnerships and broaden support in an effort to increase options for individuals or families who are experiencing homelessness and who are seeking stability and a safe, affordable home in Greenville County. Learn more HERE about the jobs where housing is out of reach in Greenville County.



The GHA is a coalition that was loosely formed in 2014 in response to an acute increase in homeless individuals drawn to an area of Greenville that became known as “Tent City.” In 2015, homeless service providers developed a Homelessness White Paper that outlined a plan to increase local housing options for homeless individuals and established priorities for advocacy. In 2016, the coalition began conducting a more thorough data scan to establish benchmarks and goals. They also established a coalition structure and projects to propel momentum. In 2017, United Ministries was chosen as the host organization. Based on the experience of similar efforts across the country, having a strong host is a key success factor to sustaining collective impact initiatives. Hiring a Coordinator in 2018 was the first completed item followed by the medical respite pilot launching in 2019 from the Homelessness White Paper.

In 2019, I hope GHA will facilitate the actual building of affordable housing while helping every Greenvillian to care that many of our citizens are priced out of our community’s housing market.
— Deb Richardson-Moore - GHA Steering Committee and Pastor of Triune Mercy Center




Susan McLarty is the first Coordinator of the Greenville Homeless Alliance and has held this position since May 1, 2018.  Prior to this she served on the 2016 Affordable Housing Steering Committee for the City of Greenville, Greenville Homeless Alliance Steering Committee as Chair of Advocacy, United Ministries Executive Board as Chair of Congregational Relations and Greenville Area Interfaith Hospitality Network (GAIHN) Board.  She is a graduate of Diversity Leaders Initiative (DLI) with The Riley Institute at Furman University, a member of the Downtown Rotary and a Ruling Elder with Presbyterian Church (USA.)  She is currently serving on the Student Improvement Council (SIC) at Wade Hampton High School and as Vice Chair of The Greenville Housing Authority Board.  Susan is married to George and they have a daughter who attends Wade Hampton High School and the Fine Arts Center. A graduate of NC State, she has worked for Milliken & Co. and Westminster Presbyterian Church. 

Heather Gatchell joined GHA as Partner Engagement Director in January 2019. Contact Heather:


we are a coalition of 

over 75 partners

The coalition loosely formed in 2015 with 18 partner organizations comprising the Homelessness Leadership Task Force who reached consensus on the priorities outlined in the Homelessness White Paper. Since then, public, private, and nonprofit groups have been working toward more long-term coordinated strategies. The GHA has an additional 150+ individuals working and advocating for the shared vision of safe, affordable homes for all.

GHA is governed by a steering committee, which sets the strategic priorities, coordinates action and ensures the financial and human resources to support the collective agenda are available. GHA is utilizing the collective impact framework as a basis for partnership with five key elements: a common agenda, common progress measures, coordination of mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication and support of the partnership through a host organization. Learn more from members of the Steering Committee for what GHA hopes to accomplish in 2019 in this link.



Ryan Duerk - Miracle Hill Ministries

Lauren Stephens - The Salvation Army

Tish McCutchen - Jolley Foundation

Gerald Huskamp - CRH Properties, LLC

Lorain Crowl - United Housing Connections

Mary Kay Campbell - Greenville Mental Health Center

Deb Richardson-Moore - Triune Mercy Center

Rebecca Edwards - City of Greenville

Brandon Cook - New Horizon Family Health Services, Inc.

Matthew Johnson - Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak, & Stewart, P.C.

Jeremy Strickler - Williams Wealth Management

Lovetta Walton - Greenville County Redevelopment Authority

Tony McDade - United Ministries (Ex-Officio)